The Greek Film Project and me...


     First and foremost, I am a definite film enthusiast. As a teenager, I would watch anything that fell in my hands from trashy Hollywood to so-called European arthouse cinema. Since then, I have completed a Masters and PhD in Film Studies. From 2010, my research and love for cinema have been revolving around Greece’s cinematic output and its overall film culture. With this website, I hope to inspire you to seek and watch Greek films and to provide an ounce of my own knowledge and love of Greek cinema.


     Greece’s cinematic output has only recently begun to gain international critical attention particularly since the success of Yorgos Lanthimos’s Kynodontas/Dogtooth in 2009-2010. While it has been a good several years since then, Greek films, especially those predating Lanthimos’s, remain vastly unknown to the public. What’s more, Greek film criticism, popular and academic, is not accessible to mainstream audiences very often at home and, mostly, abroad.


     Through the Greek Film Project, I therefore wish to spread better awareness of Greek cinema past and present and to discuss Greek films always in relation to the country’s cultural, historical, and sociopolitical realities.


Philip E. Phillis